4 in 1 Dot Matrix LED Display

4in1 MAX7219 Matrix Blue Display is an integrated serial input/output common-cathode display driver, it connects the microprocessor with an eight-digit seven-segment digital LED display, also can connect the line graph display or 64 independent LEDs.
It includes a piece of type B BCD coder, multiplexing scanning circuit, drive period of the word, but also a 8 * 8 static RAM is used to store each data. Only an external register used to set the period of current of each LED. A convenient four-wire serial interface can join all general microprocessor.
Each data can be addressed in the update does not need to rewrite all the display. MAX7219 also allows users to each data selection code or code.

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Module parameters:

  1. A single module can drive an 8 * 8 coin lattice
  2. Module operating voltage: 5V
  3. Module size: Length 12.8 cm X Width 3.2 cm X Height 1.3 cm
  4. With 64 fixed screw holes, aperture 3mm
  5. Module with input and output interfaces, supports multiple modules cascade

Wiring instructions:

  1. The left side of the module is the input port and the right side is the output port.
  2. When controlling a single module, you only need to connect the input port to the CPU
  3. When multiple modules are cascaded, the input of the first module is connected to the CPU, the output is connected to the input of the second module, the output of the second module is connected to the input of the third module, and so on. ..






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